Thailand – The ultimate destination for passionate couples

Without stating the obvious, some of the activities that couples plan during romantic getaways are best saved for moments of privacy. But others, the kinds that live on as shared precious memories, can be done in a multitude of amorous ways in a wide array of places in Thailand.

If adventure is your shared passion, then the Land of Smiles has an abundance of activities to choose from that will satisfy your quest for the ecstasy of the adrenaline rush. Thailand also offers a wealth of educational experiences, ones that afford couples the opportunity to grow together and challenge themselves emotionally and intellectually. There is exotic spiritual indulgence on offer too, the peaceful settings allowing for a kind of otherworldly intimacy in which you can explore each other’s hearts and minds.

Or perhaps, as you may feel inclined on sleepy summer mornings or brisk autumn evenings, all you want to do is take your beloved by the hand and have a quiet stroll outdoors. Would any of Thailand’s countless stunning beaches suffice when this mood occurs? Would a mountain trek or forest hike? We think so and we can offer suggestions that fulfill this impulse for solitude and exploration, too.

What’s important is that you and your special loved one experience these sentimental moments together, bringing you closer, developing special memories to be recalled for friends, recounted to children and grandchildren, or simply nurtured and called up among yourselves in quiet moments of reminiscence.